We all know the famous anime dragon ball z, yes and now it is available as a game in android and ios that is why we made a dragon ball z Dokkan battle hack, dragon ball z is an anime which is still airing to date and is doing really well in the anime market , its age is over 25 years old and its mostly our childhood partner, we all loved it and we still for the newest super series.

dragon ball z dokkan battle hack

Its time for Bandai Namco to get in and developpe a pretty cool game to smartphone devices including android and ios and is also playable in tablets.

In order to get an unlimited number of Dragon Stone in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you can now use the cheat that has been created to address a problem of our users that has become recurrent.

dragon ball z dokkan battle tricks

Whether on iPad, iOS, iPhone or Android phone, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle players were looking for a way to get unlimited Dragon Stones inside the game: No need to look very far! Our generator is available! So today you have a quality option to cheat in the game, but let me tell you a little bit more!

I let you imagine that access to unlimited Dragon Stones will greatly improve your way of learning the game in a thermally correct way. Only FUN, no more restrictions! You can also get your stamina/endurance or use your DS (Dragon Stones) to add character slots!

By using the Dragon Ball Z Dokan Battle cheat you can have an infinite amount of Zeni. The amount of Zeni needed to form and awaken a character varies according to the level and rarity of the Character. You will undoubtedly feed your characters by training them enormously.

A Glimpse About the dragon ball z dokkan battle game 

speaking about the gameplay the story puts the player in the role of an unknown character in order to prevent a disaster from happening, then your narrators which are kai and trunks puts you in the quest which is also playing the role of tutors and mentors to you for this story.

the game is pretty enjoyable despite the fact that it has a little bit messy story out there , the story sometimes doesn’t tell you that much and lets you figure out what is going on which is kinda weird, other than that its pretty fun to play and is also additive to some players, you can download the game from here if you want to try it out if you didn’t yet, Appstore from here and PlayStore from here

Access the Dragon Stones Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheating Dragon Generator :

Once again in order to be very clear in our way of proceeding, we will give you some indications about our cheating tool in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack: it is a completely online and secure generator.

Cheat DBZ Dokkan Battle

We decided to always put our generators entirely online to avoid you downloading a potentially malicious file (we know all the risks of downloading to a computer, don’t we?)

But also to let people on Mobile, tablet, iOS as well as android to be able to use the generator from anywhere by generating Dragon Stones.

What you need to know about Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is an explosive fighting action game that allows you to explore the world of Dragon Ball and participate in a brand new chapter of the Dragon Ball Z saga. It has a unique board game where you can use special items to stimulate your team for battles. Fight with the fearsome villains and meet the bosses of the animated series.

Assemble your own team from a wide selection of Dragon Ball Z characters. Develop strategies for combos by activating Link’s powerful skills.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a free-to-play, optimized for mobile phones and tablets and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android devices, and on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

dragon ball z dokkan battle generator


Formation of the team

You can choose up to 6 characters to accompany you in your quest.
However, the cost of the team of your selected characters cannot exceed your limits!
* Your limits will increase with your rank.
As an emergency backup, Saibamen will automatically be assigned to the spaces (slots) that you do not fill.

You can train to earn Exp points for your character, raise their level (LvL), and increase their stats.
To train yourself, follow these steps:
1. Choose the character you want to train (required).
2. Choose your training partner (at least 1 is required).
3. Choose an article training course (optional).
4. Choose a Training Location (optional).

Cheats DBZ Dokkan Battle

The amount of Zeni required is correlated to your character and the training element used.
Also, if your character and your training partner are the same (both the nickname and name character), their Super Attack levels will be strengthened. If they are of the same type, they can also receive an Exp Point bonus.
The formation of opponents, the formation, the objects, and the formation locations (except Wasteland) will disappear after use.

Awakening (Awakening):

By awakening your character, you awaken their potential, thus increasing their stats.
To do this, you will need the necessary Awakening and Zeni Medals.
The awakening of a character will not change his level but can be done independently of the character level, so don’t hesitate to try it once you have the necessary elements.

Z-Awaken :

By Z-Awakening your character, you awaken their true potential, substantially increase their stats.
The Rarity characters will increase, transforming them into a more powerful Type.
Z-Awakening can only take place when:
1. characters A is at the maximum level.
2. Awakening medals All required have been obtained.
After a Z-Awakening, your Super Attack level characters will be postponed, but its cost will increase. Be careful not to exhaust your cost team.

Leadership skills

Some characters have unique abilities that will be activated by placing the character in the leader slot.
When a leader belonging to a friend accompanies you on a Quest, the Skill leader characters will be enabled as well.
The effects of LEADER skills will be active, even if the leader does not participate in the attack.

Passive skills

There are unique abilities to the different characters who activate in particular circumstances during a battle. The circumstances required to vary according to each jurisdiction

Connection to skills

Each character can have different skills. By choosing the order of attack during the battle, if the characters will be the same linking skills are placed next to each other, these skills will automatically be activated. You can view the skill details in the Skills Connection section of the character details.


Your objective is to advance towards the objective while beating opponents you will encounter along the way. To move forward, press a random number button at the bottom of the screen and you can move your chosen amount of spaces. When forking, you must choose the direction you want to go to. Be careful about what awaits us.


Each stage has 3 different difficulty levels: Normal, Difficult and Z-Hard. At first, you cannot choose Normal, but if you pass each step, the next level will be available for you. In more advanced levels, enemies will become stronger, and rewards such as exp points, Zeni, and others will also increase.

Description of the tile. There are a variety of different tiles on the amp. Generally, red tiles indicate danger, Blue Tiles indicate rewards and Yello Tiles indicate a random phenomenon.

Endurance (Stamina)

You must spend Endurance points when you go on a quest. Each stage requires a certain amount of Endurance points (Stamina). You regain 1 Endurance point every 5 minutes. You can also spend 1 Dragon Stone to fully restore your Endurance. * Levelling from above can increase your maximum Stamina points.

Dragon Balls

Dragon Balls can be found in some stadiums. You can check where the Dragon Balls are by going to the Dragon Balls home page and tapping on the empty Dragon Ball slots.
You must land on the exact tile to retrieve it, so plan carefully as you move forward. When you recover all 7 Dragon Balls, you can make a wish.
You can check the list to see what you want to do. * After using a wish, the fate of the Dragon Balls will change.

How to give up?

You can leave during a quest (for the battle) by going to Menu on the top right side of your screen and selecting “Quit Quest”. If you select Give Up from the menu during a battle, you will start from both the battle and the quest. By choosing to leave, you will lose all the elements obtained, except for the Exp points characters won in the battle.


During the battle, your Ki counter will increase according to the number of Ki Balls you have absorbed, thus determining your attack strength. Your attack power will double when you absorb Ki balls which are the same color as your type.
* The Ki retained in your Ki counter is only valid for one lap, so you must get a new Ki each lap.

Dokkan Mode

When the Dokkan counter below your HP bar is full and the Super Attack of your characters is enabled, you enter Dokkan mode.
The latter will feed your Super attack and you will damage all your opponents. Your Dokkan counter can be filled when you absorb Ki Balls.
* You will have meters Dokkan reset once you leave a step.


You can bring support items with you in your quest. Objects have a variety of effects: recovering your HP, strengthening your attack, etc. Choose the best elements for each step. By using Dragon Ball Wishes, you can increase the number of different items you can take with you up to a maximum of 6 for the quest.
Note that some quantities of items are fixed, and some elements cannot be taken into the battle at all.

Why Implement a Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack?

since the players tend to play the games so much and wants to fully enjoy games such as dragon ball z dokkan battle generator , there’s a limitation into game playing , in which you need to have a lot of in-game currency, which is in dbz dokkan battle case, Zeni and dragon stones, a lot of players get frustrated due to lack of Zeni and dragon stones , that is why we are here for help at any time , we implemented a great feature in dragon ball z dokkan battle hack for security against detection.

dragon ball z dokkan battle hack

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