Dragon city is a game that is focused on dragons, build your dream dragon city, compete against other players around the world with the most powerful dragons in the game, this game is vital that we had to make a dragon city hack for this awesome game.

Need as many free gems as possible to advance in Dragon City? We have what you need!

This article is divided into two parts. In the first part, you will discover the trick of cheating to receive free gems in Dragon City. In the second part, we will talk in more detail about the game.

I once was addicted to this game so badly and I’ve been playing it every day, it is amazing and we know how it feels playing it normally and slowly advancing in your missions and getting new dragons into your game.

The Dragon city hack will allow you to advance quickly in the game and makes it a lot much easier for everyone to compete against other players who spend a big amount of real money to beat everyone in the game with beast dragons that cannot be defeated easily , so in order to combat those players you don’t have to think about it, you just need to use the dragon city hack cheats for it, so leave it to us and rest assured about the rest .

Presentation of the features of the dragon city game

the dragon city game is an online game that gives you the possibility to compete with different players across the world, build an amazing dragon city and compete in multiplayer mode , it is basically a multiplayer game which you can have many dragons to battle and dominate the battlefield of your enemies bases, build and upgrade your defenses, upgrade the power of dragons, advance in missions and be the top-ranked in global leaderboard .

Dragon City Game Play

Dragon City Gems Generator

This tool system involves the use of an online generator. This tool takes advantage of a server flaw to get gems for free and at will. Before accessing it, please watch the sample video below to understand the procedure to follow to avoid paying anything at all. Then click on the button under the video to access the generator.

But how exactly does this generator work? To put it simply, our generator exploits a server flaw. Through this one, he is able to simulate gem purchases on the Dragon City game. So the game thinks that a real purchase is being made, it sends the gems to your account, when in reality you will not have taken out a single cent to get them. It’s no more complicated than that!
In addition, we have made the use of the generator as intuitive as possible. To make it work, it’s as simple as that. You choose the number of gems you want to receive, you enter your nickname in the game or your email address linked to your play store / AppStore account, then you start the procedure by taking care to follow the instructions in the example video to be totally sure not to pay anything at all.

And why provide this Dragon City cheat for free?

Because we are tired of pay-to-win games, and unfortunately Dragon City is one of them. We want to fight against these games that block players, that frustrate them, in order to make them pay.
By providing this cheat free of charge, we want to rebalance the game, and allow everyone to reach the level they want. But above all, to ensure that the fighting is finally fought on an equal footing.
What could be more horrible than losing PvP battles because the opponent has only over-evolved premium dragons? it is more horrible than having to wait a long time to see an egg hatch. What could be more horrible than staying stuck without food… In short, we provide this cheat for free in order to rebalance the game and especially to allow everyone to really have fun on the game.

Is it risky for my Dragon City game account?

Absolutely not, I can reassure you. For the simple reason that our generator operates in a totally exclusive and undetectable way. Unlike other cheats, our generator operates 100% online. No need for jailbreak or root of your smartphone or tablet.
That’s why we can tell you 100% that our cheat is the most secure and that you will not have any problems with it.
Feel free to leave a comment if you liked it, a small thank you costs nothing, and always makes you happy!


Gems represent the premium currency of the game, i.e. the currency that can be obtained with real money and that brings a whole bunch of advantages. Here are some examples:

Get the premium dragons in the store.
Instantly complete any action that takes time in exchange for gems.
Exchange gems for gold or food.
Buying premium buildings that give advantages.
Buy the extensions directly without having to fill in the required points.
No need to say more, you will have understood that gems give many advantages in Dragon City. Unfortunately, that’s why Dragon City is considered a Pay To Win, and that’s why we hope you’ll appreciate the significant advantage our generator can give you.

Dragon city hack

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