Miniclip once again surprises us with a brand new game called football strike, and we will surprise you by giving you the football strike hack for this brand new trending game.

Its time to be in top of the leaderboard and drive your victory by using this brand new football strike hack , sometimes you just have to use some sort of other ways in order to be successful, with this football strike hack tool you are going to forget about losing and you’re going to buy anything you had dreamt of having with the game.

Our football strike hack tool uses an exploit in games, luckily we have attempted it in this game and have succeeded, the tool uses encryption and is secured and cannot be patched easily, as long as a game doesn’t update too often and users don’t abuse our tool, it’s safe.

Know more about the football strike game

football strike is a mobile online game developed by Miniclip and is released in 2017, as you know every game that is developed by Miniclip is an excellent game, Miniclip always delivers high-quality games that are really addictive to most players , this game is a football game in which you play against millions of players worldwide in an intense multiplayer soccer game, its pretty much the same concept as 8 ball pool game in which you play against an opponent and fight  for coins and cash, play competitive free kicks and shooting in range and build your career mode and rise up in rank and get more cash and valued items in the game .

Football strike first look and gameplay

The complete shop of the game:

You can buy several items from the game shop such as balls and bags. All items available in the game shop can be purchased by spending money (gold coins and cash) (both currencies can be generated with Football Strike Hack.) The game shop is divided into specific stores, mentioned below:

Ball Shop :

In the Ball Shop, you can buy three different balloons of various rarities by spending money. You can buy 5 cards for each refreshment period. The shop is refreshed every 24 hours. A standard card can be purchased for 25 cash. A Premium card costs 180 cash and a VIP card costs 690-750 cash.
Bag Shop:

There are three different varieties of bags available in the bag shop. You can buy one of these bags according to your choice.

These bags guarantee different balloons and outfits for money.

Gold coins and cash in the shop:

Money is available in various forms and you can buy one according to your preferences and budget. Some of these forms are cash piles, cash piles, cash bags, cash lockers, cash boxes and tons of cash. The Cash Shop will allow you to buy money with real money. 200 cash can be purchased for 2.99 euros. Similarly, 8000 cash can be purchased for 79.99 euros. Similarly, the Coin store will allow you to buy parts with real money. For example, 10,000 coins can be bought for 2.99 euros and 1,30,000 gold coins can be bought for 30.99 euros. However, there is an alternative if you don’t want to spend your money as you can try Football Strike APK.

Invite friends:

By clicking on the Friends menu, you can see which Facebook friends are playing the game. You can also invite other friends to play with. Each friend who joins the game after receiving your invitation will win you 1000 coins. You can invite up to 50 friends and win 1000 coins for every friend who joins the game. You can also use the search bar for a specific friend you want to invite or play with. If it bothers you, you can simply use the Football Strike Hack.

Why giving away the football strike hack tool for free ?

why not giving away some valuable stuffs to the fans , even though its hard to work on these tools, we do know that people want them and we will deliver that, we all know that getting those coins and cash are the hardest thing if you want them quickly, you should use some sort of trusted tool, don’t get fooled by other fake tools that promise you with something but in the end does nothing but takes your information and gives you viruses , with our tool you will only need your phone which is really easy .

How to use the football strike hack Generator tool?

football strike hack

in order to successfully use the football strike hack tool, you should be following these easy instructions carefully, first enter your football strike ID , you can enter google play/app store username or email as well , choose your platform whether it is an android or ios device, after that choose the number of resources you wish to have in your account and then the last step, pass a quick verification against bots, its really quick and easy ( use your mobile if you want it easy and quickly)

football strike hack

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